Nightmares of Caitlin Lockyer (Book 1 in the Nightmares Trilogy) / Кошмарите на Кейтлин Локиър (Книга първа от трилогията "Кошмари"): 3

Английски оригинал Перевод на български

I woke in daylight and glanced at my watch. Early afternoon. My shoulder
ached and more besides. It must have been time for more pain medication.
Please, please let there be more pain medication.
A smiling woman set a tray of lunch on the table next to my bed. She
returned to the trolley for Caitlin's lunch, which she placed hesitantly on the
table beside her.


"One of the volunteers should be along shortly, with the book and
magazine trolley. Your roommate's on the front cover of today's paper – you
might want to keep a copy for her."
I thanked the woman.


"When she wakes up, can you tell her I've given her today's and
tomorrow's menu, so she can pick what she wants? Yours is on your tray,
too." She lowered her voice. "The ice cream is really good."
I smiled and thanked her again as she left, my eyes straying to Caitlin. I
slid out of bed and made my way over to her.